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by Donna Thompson - Monday, 8 June 2015, 4:13 PM

In the week starting Monday 29th June, Learn administrators will be resetting all second semester courses. This is a standard operation as part of the life cycle of an online course. 

The courses to be reset are those with the following occurrence codes: S2, T3, T4, YB2, YC2, YD2. We can also reset courses with A or X occurrence codes, but you will need to contact us about these.

Immediately before the resets begin, we will run a system wide course backup. In an emergency we can restore courses from this backup.

What does a reset do to my course?

  • The reset process will clear out information that was collected during the last semester that the course was taught, e.g. the student enrolments, grades, discussion posts, assignments and quiz marks. Resets do not clear out wikis or journals; these need to be deleted and re-created for the new semester.
  • Resetting a course does not affect the teaching materials in a course. Files, labels, and directories will remain untouched. Assignment and quiz dates will need to be adjusted for the new semester - this is left to the course lecturers, as the dates will depend on factors only the lecturers are aware of.

What do I need to do?

  • If there is a reason why you do not want us to reset a course now, please contact Learn administration immediately to discuss this, and to make alternative arrangements for resetting the course before Semester Two begins. An email link is at the end of this message.
  • If the course's details will change, e.g. it will be taught in another semester next year, if there are changes to the course title or code, or will not exist any more, please reply giving the details, so we can make these adjustments at the time of the reset.
  • Before the semester starts, you will need to go through your courses and update any activities (usually quizzes and assignments) that have dates associated with them. These dates must be changed to match your timetable for the next semester. You can do this before we do the resets; the process will not change any dates.

Send an email to the E-Learning Support mailbox, to request any changes to the reset operation.