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Semester Two course resets now complete

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Semester Two course resets now complete
by Gregor Ronald - Tuesday, 30 June 2015, 2:42 PM

All S2, T3, T4, YB2, YC2, and YD2 courses that are in active use have now been reset, to clean out last year's student data. 2015 students will be enrolled starting on 4 July. 

If you teach a course next semester, please check that it has been reset (the lack of news posts is a quick clue). If anything seems to be wrong, please log an Assyst E-Learning Request with the course code and an outline of the issue.

Next check dates for quizzes and assignments, and alter these to suit the 2015 calendar. If there are quizzes and assignments that are no longer used, deleting these will also tidy up the Gradebook.

If you would like assistance with preparing your course, there are links to resources and course design help on the E-learning Support web page.