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Deletion of hidden files in Learn

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Deletion of hidden files in Learn
by Donna Thompson - Paraire, 15 Hōngoingoi 2016, 8:57

Currently there are 24000 file resources on Learn which have been hidden (unavailable to students) for three years or more.  These files were uploaded before the copyright compliance tool was completed and hence hold a considerable but unknown risk of non-compliance with current copyright law and licenses, as they can be unhidden, which makes them reportable and available to students in Learn courses.

Therefore all hidden files that have not been accessed for 3 years or more will be deleted.  The deletion of these files will commence on the week of 25th July.  If you do want to keep these files then if you 'unhide' them they will not get marked for deletion.

If you have any questions please contact E-Learning Support