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Want to be paid for copies of your notes in Semester Two?

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Want to be paid for copies of your notes in Semester Two?
by Donna Thompson - Paraire, 15 Hōngoingoi 2016, 8:58

The Disability Resource Service (DRS) is looking for students who are willing to sell copies of their notes in selected courses. These notes are used by other students who experience difficulties taking notes for themselves for disability-related reasons, and DRS offers $8 per lecture for them. 

In order to be suitable for purchase, notes for most Arts lectures need to be taken in Microsoft Word using a Word-template provided by DRS. However, in science/math courses that include a lot of mathematical symbols, formulas, and graphs, such as physics, chemistry and engineering, the notes can be handwritten and scanned.

If you want to apply, follow this link to the application form where you can fill out your details and the courses you’re taking. If you’ve never taken notes with DRS before, you’ll need to email us two samples of notes you’ve taken to the DRS Notes mailbox.

After doing that, just keep an eye on your UC email. If we like what we see and you’re selected, we’ll be in touch!