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Get Support and Advice at UC

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Get Support and Advice at UC
by Donna Thompson - Paraire, 17 Poutū-te-rangi 2017, 12:03

Do you know where you can find help and support while studying at UC? A wide range of support services and opportunities exist to help you succeed and get the most of your time here. 

Whether you are feeling stressed, struggling to keep up with your studies, don’t know how to format a bibliography, want to connect with others, are facing financial challenges, or simply need to get advice about who you need to talk to, there are plenty of places to go and get assistance. 

Check out this slide to find out about some of the key ones. Also, don’t forget about the Health Centre, which offers healthcare, counselling ,and physiotherapy services, and the UC RecCentre, where you can lift weights, take classes, and shoot hoops.